since 1931, more than textile


Our textile know-how combined with our passion for design and innovation is what sets us apart. MITI is in constant pursuit of new textile solutions to meet market changes and customer needs, always with a view to sustainability. 

Over the years we invested in state-of-the-art machinery and renewable technologies to improve production processes and reduce energy consumption and emissions. 

Our photovoltaic system, for examples, allows us to generate and consume clean energy helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our production. The 27% of the used energy comes from renewable sources.


Our R&D is the beating heart of our Company. All our projects start here. The great fusion among experience and curiosity meets the customer needs in every new challenge. R&D works in team with our technical lab, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and strives for continuous improvement while focusing on developing sustainable products. 

We work together with our customers to design innovative fabrics that best suit their creative projects, turning ideas into reality.

Quality Assurance

MITI pursues a high level of excellence by carefully selecting raw materials and improving the quality of its products. During each and every phase of our production process we assure the highest quality control and verification to avoid wastage and redundant passages. 

Our internal technical laboratories conduct physical tests and thorough checks to assess the technical performance of our fabrics. Abrasion resistance, snagging, crease recovery and dimensional stability are just some of the tests we carry out in our labs.

 Moreover, each fabric lot is subject to strict visual inspection before leaving the factory in order to deliver high-quality products and service.

Our History

WorkZone is the new asset

WZ - WorkZone is the new asset of MITI’s approach to professional wear, uniforms, high tech warp proposal for the industrial professional range.


FABRICF, new MITI’s fashion collection becomes reality with a new valuable proposal for tech-fashion and ready-to-wear customers all over the world.

Self-consumption of renewable energy

A photovoltaic system is installed on the roof of the plant allowing self-consumption of renewable energy while reducing carbon footprint.


MITI introduces #GREENPERFORMING, its new approach to Sustainability, and GreenSoul, its first sustainable fabric collection made of 100% recycled yarns, is presented.

The most valuable Cycling collection

The most valuable Cycling collection took shape in these years, fabrics that lead the market to an incredible innovation and at highest technology in the warp-knit fabric proposal. This year, fabrics like Zaffiro, Asteria, Action were launched on the market.

BIA Basso Impatto Ambientale

BIA Basso Impatto Ambientale, the first pioneering technology was created by MITI with full yarn dyed options to truly work on the production impact and on water management of our products.

Stretch brushed-back fabrics

MITI launches the innovative SUPERROUBAIX® and THERMOROUBAIX® stretch brushed-back fabrics that set the benchmark for thermal fabrics worldwide.

The Company is founded

The Company is founded by Vicenzo Polli, a passionate and forward-looking entrepreneur.